Custom Home page not showing

Good Day ERPNext community.

I am running a production environment ERPNext v13.

I have successfully created a custom home page on a development version that I run on an oracle VM which displays perfectly. Apon copying over the settings to the instance that is running on my server, nothing displays. It seems like it is stuck on “This is an example website auto-generated from ERPNext”

I attached pics of settings of my settings that iv used on my web page, website settings, and website theme so if anyone can see where I’m going wrong id really appreciate it!

Kind Regards!

If you have to remove that text then go to homepage and remove that part from description

I have removed it. That is what is confusing me. I have made sure that the page is published, but still nothing


So the page displays when I create it to a different route other than home or index.

So it seems to be a problem when displaying it to my home page