Custom HTML in Own Print Format

Hi Folks,

again me trying to tweek around with ERPNext’s new version.

Core question:
Regarding Print formats…is there goring to be one single Custom HTML per Custom Print Format?
I am trying to do a lot of own HTMLs but they get deleted when I add a new one.

Additionally - how to perform a own items table WITH page break funktionality?

Here is my tryout code:

<table class="" width="100%">
    <thead style="border-top:1px solid #DDDDDD;border-bottom:1px solid #DDDDDD;">
                                        <th width="5%">Pos.</b></th>
                                                                                    <th width="18%">Art. Nr.</b></th>
                                                                                    <th width="54%">Beschreibung</b></th>
                                                                                    <th width="7%" class="text-right">Menge</th>
                                                                                    <th width="10%" class="text-right">Preis</th>
                                                                                    <th width="10%" class="text-right">Gesamt</th>
                                    {% for item in doc.items %}
            <tr style="border-top: none; border-bottom:1px solid #DDDDDD !important;">

                                            <td>{{ item.idx }}</td>

                                                    <td>{{ item.item_code }}</td>
                                                    <td>{{ item.item_name }}
                                                    <br>{{ item.description }}</td>
                                                    <td class="text-right">{{ item.qty }}</td>
                                                    <td class="text-right">{{ item.get_formatted("base_price_list_rate") }}{%- if item.discount_percentage -%}<br>- {{ item.discount_percentage }} %{%- endif -%}</td>
                                                    <td class="text-right">{{ item.get_formatted("base_amount") }}</td>

                                    {% endfor %}

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