Custom "Image" Field can not upload image

I’m new for ERPnext, and thank you for developing it.
I added an “Image” field in the “Company” form type by using custom field.
But when I want to create or modify a company, the image field I just created is just a picture like:

http:// (I’m sorry, it said that new user can not upload image, so I used the link)

And there is no button to upload an image.
I had tried to find post discussing about the problem in the forum, but I didn’t find anything.
If there is actually a post about the problem, I’m sorry about that.
I hope anyone can help me solve this problem.
Thank you

You must add an “Attach” field with it and set the options property of the image field to the attach field.

See example in Item

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Rmehta, thank you for response.
I’m trying add an “Attach” field.
But when I use “Custom Field”, there is no “Attach” in the “Field Type” to select.
Or I use “Custom Form” to add one, it said ‘Field Type cannot be “Attach”’ after I press “Update” button.
Is there anything I should do for that?
Thank you