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Hey guys,

I am a new user with a free plan on

I browsed through and was able to setup most of the things on my own and found the application simple to use. I use ERPNext primarily for accounts module to generates sales invoices. My question here is- the serial number generated is numerical+incremental. So for an example when I create an invoice on 1st of July 2016 - my first invoice gets number 1.

20160701 - 1
20160702 - 2
20160707 - 3
20160709 - 4

Which is quite systematic but now I have clients who come and up and ask me that they need an invoice on an earlier date. Like

20160703 - 5
20160704 - 6

My Chartered Accountant is not accepting this. He says you can’t create present bill number in past dates. So now, I am looking for a solution to this issue.

One thing that clicks me is- adding customer code before invoice number for an example-

Customer- Rajeshwari Collection
Example client code (it can be anything)- RC001

Invoice dated 20160701

so now next time when I create Rajeshwari Collection’s invoice, the number should be

And if I have another client
Customer- Shakti Traders
Example client code (it can be anything)- ST002

coming on the same day asking for invoice the number should be

Is this possible?


You can use customer name in naming series.

e.g QTN-.YYYY.-.customer.-.####

Resulting in QTN-2016-SBK-0001 (Asuming SBK is selected customer in Quotation)

Sambhaji Kolate,
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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hi sambhaji

Thanks for taking out the time reading and replying to my query.

Unfortunately due to my incapability I didn’t understand your answer, do you mind elaborating it. Are you suggesting that I make changes in Naming Series to Sales Invoice as in here-

Please advice.

Yes, that’s what he’s referring to.