Custom Javascript and CSS for new app ..not detacted using

Hello ,
here my scenario :
-i created an app
-installed it to my site

  • add js and css files to public folder i made in my app
    -add the js and css to
  • finally ordered site to build

-in site assets their no reference to my new app public folder
-i add the folder manually to match the path (it did not appear)
-js and css not found
how can i add js and css to new app files and loaded correctly ?
best regards

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Run bench build once

I’ve done these three steps.
There are a bunch of css and js files and a number of images in the public folder.
So I didn’t add js and css to instead i’ve added ‘assets/<app_name>’ prefix in href and src in the html files.
After bench build, it works.
BUT Is this a good method ??

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