Custom marital status in v14

Hi, I’m trying to customize the marital status default field in employee doctype /form in v14.

Is this possible?

Anyone, please help? :pray:

I’m trying to add options, but it refuses to accept changes both in the doctype and the form.

Can you be more specific about what you’re doing and the errors you are receiving? Are you using the customize form tool or some other method?

Thank you @peterg

I am trying to add additional options to the default marital_status field in the employee Form like this:

Upon clicking on Update, I get this error:



Okay, thanks. The issue is that you can’t change the options of standard fields. There are ways around it, such as using a “Property Setter” doc, but it does run the risk of data incongruity down the road. It shouldn’t be a huge issue for a simple field like marital status, but in principle it can be a risky practice.

Thank you @peterg !

What do you think about disabling, via permissions, the original field and creating a new one with my custom options?

Could that be better in the long run to avoid issues when upgrading v14 to v15 for example, or when restoring a backup?

That would certainly be a safer option. In the end, this is likely just theoretical. I don’t think there would be too many conflicts created by adding a new marriage status option. But, it’s worth being cautious about property setters in general.