Custom Module Icon

hi its my first topic but not the last :slight_smile:

i am trying to customize icon app, the changes made in or config/ does not appear on the desk icon. the customization work only at the app creation step (bench new-app) but not after.

app_icon = “octicon octicon-file-directory”
app_color = “grey”

my customizations:
app_icon = “octicon octicon-watch”
app_color = “red”

note: i tried bench clear-cache but nothing.
reading from:

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hello @PyJumper

try bench migrate

@Amalendu thanks its work :smiley:
just last question, how to use svg icon instead of octicons ?

i followed the documentations of the provided link, i have set config/ “icon”: “assets/flowchart.svg” and then created asses folder with flowchart icon inside the doctype folder then bench migrate results like this:

hello @PyJumper

Can you check in your browser that the svg file comes using the url

“your base url/assets/flowchart.svg”

thanks for reply. gives not found error
i dont know where i should put the svg file .

Edit: just moved the svg file to sites/assets and it works fine, thanks amalendu


I created a module form erpnext itself. But i am Not able to set icon for this on desktop.
please help.
Thank You.