Custom Naming series

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Sorry, forget to add: Is it possible to customize the naming series? I have a need where we create a naming series with the first 3 letters of the name of the customer and if there are duplicated we add a suffix number of duplicated + 1, eg: HEM001, if I add another customer with first 3 letters hem then is will create naming series as HEM002.

So just trying to see if its possible to add a naming series in the dropdown list in settings, or somewhere else without going into the python (as my python is not as yet up to standard :wink: )


Not unless you override the autoname method with a hook (it will require a custom app).

@rmehta any note for autoname hook?.. the param?.. should i return something?.. or just set‘something’

@bobzz_zone Just set = ‘something’

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