Custom page design for Org Structure


I am new in custom page design. I want to design a dynamic organizational structure like this,

From my custom app. I linked with The Company with Branch. Then I linked Branch with Department and linked Department with Designation. Can anyone help me to develop this dynamic structure in a page?

You can find organizational structure from the HR module named ** Organizational Chart**. Using this chart you can design your custom one in your custom app.

@maslamhmt I checked Organizational Chart. Its a very good dynamic chart. But Organizational Chart designed with a single doctype Employee and its in tree view structure. In My structure, I need 4 doctypes, Company, Branch, Department and Designation. I don’t understand how to develop it.

First, you have to customize or change completely the branch doctype and all other related doctypes. This is because when you try to make the tree of the organization that you want all fields will be required. For example, in branch doctype, you need a department field, and so on.

@maslamhmt I already connected all doctypes.