Custom pages for doctype in Desk side

Hello ,
i have this scenario :

1- in User list i select a User
2- when i select user it redirect to a custom page with user info with it

how can i achive that ?

best regards

You can create a button in the User form to redirect ???

i need to change User page layout ,
when i change the layout of User List in example
i add user_list.html and user_list.js
but this process is not applied to user page

what i did now
in user.js i made
and started to add html and data
i dont think its the right way to do that ?
my question is how to create custom page for doctype in the Desk side not the web site ?

Customize form can not add new component …
any ideas ?

Forms have no template - they are built from DocType fields

Add new HTML field and add your custom content there.

@rmehta I have to redirect to a page on button click. How can I do that ?