Custom Print format dosent print all fields

I have created a custom print format for stock entry
the supplier details are not displayed in print
i have made double sure that the custom format has got the relevant details of the supplier including name and address
but both these items are missing from the print
please help

Just check if the Print Hide box is checked for this field at Home > Setup > Customize Docs.



Hi JayRam
No, its not
it was working all fine
but suddenly only the supplier fields are not showing up in print

it is not showing up on both standard and custom print format


Any pointers for this
i checked it again and again
the “print hide” check box is unchecked
have hit a dead end

Are you able to see the address in the document, but it doesn’t print. Or you are unable to even see the address in the document?

Apologies for this dumb question.



Hi jayram
please dont apologise
i really appreciate from my heart that you are spending your precious time to help people like me on this forum
one day ia shall too contribute to this forum

I am not able to see the address also
here is a snapshot
this is the stock entry document

this is the print preview

thanks again

Hi jayram
found the issue but couldnt solve it
when i create a stock entry trough PO that is
i create a PO
then i click the “TRANSFER” button and it takes me to the stock entry page
from here i enter the details, the print shows the subcontract name and address

if i go to the stock entry page
select purpose as “SUBCONTRACT”
then select PO
enter relevant details
click print
it DOES NOT show the subcontract name and address
this is a critical requirement because this is the only way i can create a delivery note to supply material to subcontract

why cannot i do the material transfer from the PO using the “TRANSFER” button
if i have multiple bom in my PO
then, i can select only 1 Bom at a time for Transfer
if i have 10 boms, then i have to do the transfer 10 times
and i have to take 10 prints to create a delivery note for that specific Subcontract(supplier)