Custom Print format erase heading

Hi wanted to modify the print format of the default quotation to display my address and change the default fields

So I opened the quote and click on print, then Edit to create an other print format based on the Standard one.

My problem is as soon as I edit the new custom print format, the heading (Quotation, QTN-XXXXXX and the separation line) dissapear but I want to keep it.
In the print format, there is nothing there so I cannot copy or say that I want to keep it.


For heading use below code -

<div class="print-heading">

and using HTML script add your custom field in Print Format

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Thank you!

Welcome :smile:

now that the quotations are in multiple language, this code doesnt work because I dont want to say quotation in french.

What is the variable to get this string instead of typing quotation directly.

On other question, is it possible to edit a column name for the items (example instead of Quantity I would like to say Qty).


you can edit column name for that you have to create custom print format.