Custom print format Error in Template:

ERPNext: v14.60.1 (version-14)
Frappe Framework: v14.62.3 (version-14)

Hi All,

I’m writing custom print format and when I’m saving it console throws a error as bellow.

Error in Template:

When I check Frappe code related to this seems this happens when it try to compile the template. But i just added a small text to template and test it gives me the same error.

I also found this ( Print Formats: browser console “Error in Template” · Issue #12702 · frappe/frappe · GitHub thread in the github but seems it’s not yet fixed.

Anyone have any thoughts about this issue? any one face it before?

Thank you!

I think there is a type error in your code. If you share your print format code, may be it will be easy to find the mistake which causing this error.

I thought the same, So I created this which is very simple one. But this also throw the same error.

Hi @Vasana_Wijewardena,

Remove the current print format and make a fresh custom print format. Afterward, test it to ensure it works properly.

Thank You!

Did this and same results as above, also created new print format as well which results the same.

Thank you.

Hi @Vasana_Wijewardena,

Frappe Framework: v14.63.0 (version-14)
ERPNext: v14.61.2 (version-14)

I have tested in latest ERPNext version 14. so it’s worked properly.
So please check the video.

Thank You!