Custom Print format for Purchase Receipt - Getting Purchase Order Information In Purchase Receipt custom Print Format

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I am in the process of creating a new print format for the for Purchase Receipt. However, in the print format, Purchase Order number and Purchase order date is required. When doing a purchase receipt, we usually perform " Get Items from Purchase Order " and select at least one or more purchase Orders.

So, anyone can suggest how to get the purchase order information in the print format for a particular Item.

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Do you have any reference on purchase receipt for that particular purchase order, if you have any reference you can do it.

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You will have reference of purchase order in child table(Items) of your purchase receipt.
so in custom print format (use loop trough items table)
and use frappe.get_doc() function to fetch your purchase order.

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I am trying to bring purchase order number to Purchase receipt print format. I have tried to call with “frappe.get_doc” method, but I guess I am doing it wrong.

Can you please help me with this ?