Custom print format not listed in ERPNext

I’m trying to make a custom print format in ERPNext: v14.15.1 (version-14) for a p-touch label printer.

If I create a new print format (custom format or not), it’s not listed in the choices when selecting the print format.

But if I use the “New print format builder” the new print format appear and is available. I tried for the invoice, item and quote and always the same issue.

I tried reloading, clearing cache but nothing helps…

What is your print format type selected. I think it should be Jinja for label printer.

I tried jinja and js but still, even if this would work, it’s not listed in the available print formats on the document print menu…

hi @Samuel_Gervais

Try updating ERPNext: to v14.17.4 (version-14) … which is the latest as of today… There were few hotfix updates lately in relation to print formats

ok I’ll thanks!

It worked. Thanks