Custom printing in custom App for standard report

I want to make Report Print Format in the custom app and I read this:

but it is not working, How I can overwrite the HTML for General Ledger report in custom App?

@tmatteson Do you have any clue to do this?

Start by duplicating a standard report. In order to save it to you app you have to change the module. For example if you were working on the Profit and Loss, you’d have to change it to a module in your app. The other features should carry over and when you examine your filesystem you’ll see a new folder in your_app/your_module/reports/duplicated_report. Then you can copy in the the existing code from the report you’ve duplicated and start modifying it.

@tmatteson Thank you for your respond :slightly_smiling_face:

in your case, It will break the logic if frappe changes something in core DocType in the future .

Yes, that’s true of any customization.

@tmatteson but my requirement is very basic :disappointed_relieved:

I just want to have a different print format for the report

I don’t think there’s a way to do this. It wouldn’t be hard to have print format work with reports but it doesn’t without a lot of work. For the US regional module customization I was able to do it but I’m not particularly satisfied with the approach.

Edit the report that you want to modify …change the module to your custom app…go to your custom doctype folder then place your_report.html in there