Custom Public Workspace does not show with Role System Manager

Hi, I have created custom public Workspaces for my Custom Application. Because my Custom App has many modules, so I want my Workspace to have a hierarchy-structured menu with sub-Workspaces, like:


With said structure, MyCustomApp workspace has MyCustomApp Module, SubWS-A has Module A, SubWS-B has Module B and so on. Each sub-Workspace has links to their corresponding DocType (DocTypes which have the same Module as the sub-Workspace), but MyCustomApp Module has no DocType (and no links to them), as it is intended to be the parent so that I can group the sub-Workspaces together.

The problem is, with this setup, when user with role System Manager and allowed all Modules, they cannot see the workspace MyCustomApp, and so they cannot access the sub-Workspaces.

What I’ve tried/noticed:

  • When I’ve created the public workspaces and assign Modules to them, json files were generated in my Custom App, and under modules of my Custom App, workspace folder structure.
  • When I removed Module from MyCustomApp workspace, the System Manager user can see the MyCustomApp workspace (and sub-workspaces under it), but the json file for MyCustomApp workspace got deleted.

The Question is, is it possible, if I want the MyCustomApp workspace to show with this setup and have its json workspace file (I want to deploy these public workspaces on many environments). If so, how to achieve this?

Frappe Framework: v15.26.0 (version-15)

Many thanks in advance