Custom report chart broken

I had a custom report with chart, which was working fine for quite some time, till I did a ‘bench update’ recently(perhaps less than a month). I have looked at the code, but couldn’t find anything that could cause this.

The code is like
def execute(filters=None):
columns = get_columns(filters)
entries = get_data(filters)
chart = get_chart_data(columns, entries)
return columns, entries, None, chart

I am wondering if there was any recent change that could have broken this code?

Hi @spoojary,

The chart library has been replaced with the new Frappe Charts library (GitHub - frappe/charts: Simple, responsive, modern SVG Charts with zero dependencies)

Take a look at the reports in ERPNext they have been updated and it should give you the necessary information to update yours.

Good luck!

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Thanks @chdecultot, I didn’t look at get_chart_data() in detail, will do that. Adding new/improved libraries is really great. But breaking existing ones that were working fine is really bad.