Custom Report For accounts and their expenses


I want to make a custom report which will list all accounts which are available in char of accounts. And show cash and cheque expenses in front of each account. I want to also provide filters like cost center and project so that can get expenses filterwise.

So, want to know from where I can get all details of expenses? Please tell me which existing report might help into this.

Check “Profit and Loss” report, it may already have what you are looking for.

I think for filters to add is understood. But how can show separate expenses for cash and cheque? I need some thing as below. Mainly want to know from GL Entries how can I find if it was cash/cheque payments?


You need to have different account(s) to book cash or cheque payments, that should resolve your purpose. On payment entry, you have option of mode of payment (Cash/Cheque etc) which is linked account.

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