Custom report for warehouse-wise stock

We need to have a custom report for warehouse wise stock. Which report can we use to customize further (Main or standard reports are editable? If yes, how?)

@Deven_Shah What are you trying to accomplish? Warehouse is selectable in Stock Analytics, for example.

Or are you looking for balance of a certain item in each warehouse? Stock balance is a good place to start for that.

Thank you @alec_ruizramon1 for reply.

As such Stock Balance report is useful. But, we face following issues.

  1. When we filter (Let’s say for warehouse) and take print, while printing it does not show as per filters. (Whether it’s github issue?)

  2. We also need to reduce certain columns (But if above can be resolved, it can serve the purpose).

You cannot use client-side filter for this.

You have to modify Stock Balance report.and add server side filter so the print view will.exactly show as per filter. See stock_balance.js and under Stock > Report > Stock Balance.

Another work-around is to export the report to csv after client-side filter. It will show the records as per your filter and print from excel.

@Deven_Shah When creating reports for our controller/accountant I’ll set the filters accordingly as @jof2jc mentioned, export, delete irrelevant columns, and give to them.

it isn’t elegant but it beats modifying the stock balance / creating a redundant report in our use case.

Thank you @jof2jc, @alec_ruizramon1