Custom Report format Date

Dear All,
I have a custom report and need to format the datetime from YYY-MM-DD to DD-MM-YYYY … I have tried to format with SQL format(date, ‘DD-MM-YYYY’) but when showing the report wrong format …any help?
I have already setup the system to work on Portuguese Region and date format (DD-MM-YYYY)
This is the SQL I have on the custom report

name as “Fatura N:data:100”,
nome_mesa as “Mesa N:data:150”,
hora_atendimento as “Hora atendida:datetime:200”,
status_atendimento as “Status:data:200”,
total_servicos as “Total:Currency:120”,
nome_cliente as “Cliente:data:150”
FROM tabBAR_RESTAURANTE WHERE status_atendimento =‘Fechado’ ORDER BY nome_mesa

Datetime formatting is done in the clientside (JS) and automatically chooses the date format settings of the user.