Custom Report in ERPNext

Hi Team,

Can we export custom query report using export_fixture?
I have created some report in ERPNext.
I want that report in other app as a fixture.


Create a report and set “Is Standard” as yes.

I created custom report in my custom app then pushed it into my github repo. I installed the app into another bench successfully. The app with the report does appear and working.

But later I added another custom report ,pushed it again to github repo. Then I git pull from other bench, but this time the report not appeared,also the report is not listed in report list doctype.

I checked to app folder, the new report files are there. So git pull did update the app. But it does not appear in desk. What might be wrong here?

The report is set as Standard under custom doctype.


@jof2jc actions performed by git pull outside are not notified to bench tool, which actually takes care of clearing cache, pulling updates, building assets and restarts services etc.

$ bench build
$ bench restart
$ sudo service nginx restart

I exported fixtures before pushing the app then do git pull and bench migrate to target bench. It works for me…