Custom Report with dynamic Total Amount

I developed a custom report from Query report which calculates and display total amount in sales invoice. It is good but the total is disappearing when ever i filter the table/view based on the data in the fields. I need the total raw to stay and calculate accordingly like in an excel sheet. Is there a better way of doing it. I searched on the Forum but got no satisfactory examples. Please forward your help. It is crucial.

@khaludi2 can you share your report. Can’t help unless we can see what you are doing.

Total is displayed before filtering

Total value disappeared after filtering

Are you adding the total cient side or server side. Obviously server side won’t work. Also its best to share your code!

This is my modified SQL code.

SELECT SalesInvoice as “Sales Invoice:Link/Sales Invoice:100”,Customer,Aging_date,outstanding_amount FROM labora.local.ReceivablePPLC
union all
select null,null,null,sum(outstanding_amount) as outstanding_amount
from labora.local.ReceivablePPLC;

Filtering is done client side, you will have to write a client side handler for slickgrid after the filter is executed.

Is there any example of this anywhere?