Custom report with header


How can i add, header, and other info in report, even if only when i print or transform to PDF??

Hello Dany,

Default Letter Head is auto-updated in the reports preview. The Letter Head you wish to be included in the report, ensure “Is Default” is checked in it.

yes is checked that is default, but not coming out when i preview

May I know in which report exactly?

i think all them, but i make sure for balance sheet, trial Balance


For now, Letter Head is only updated for the reports like General Ledger, Account Receivable and Accounts Payable. It’s because there is often need to share data of this report with the specific party. Since other reports are mostly for the internal reference, it doesn’t have Letter Head updated for them. However, if would be good to have Letter Head updated for all the reports may be. Can yu please create Github Issue for this feature suggestion?

yes, but the letter head cames out in the middle of the page, can i move it or its not editable?