Custom reports do not update after changing Customer Group or Item Group

Dear friends,

If I move Customers or Items from an old group to a another (new) group, these customers / items will still be shown on my custom report as part of the old customer group or item group, not as member of new group.

I use standard report builder to create this custom report, nothing fancy. I also have run ‘bench update’, so I believe I am running the latest master branch. As I suspect this is just a cache issue, therefore I also have run ‘bench build’ as well to clear cache.

Anyone have encounter the same or similar issue? Any clue how to refresh custom report display?

Thank you in advance.


It turn out that moving customers or items into another group will not update Customer Group or Item Group record on other table, i.e. at Opportunity.
I solve this by exporting the Opportunity, edit records and import back.