Custom sales Invoice print template with sum item


i’m trying to custumize sales invoice print format. I didn’t saw any similar example on community. I wan’t to sum item fields on invoice. For example i have multiple same items on invoice. I want’t to make distinct items in row and sum amount for each row. Does anyone have some example?


This feature is already added to Frappe/ERPNext v7.2 for grouping items in a single row in a print format if an item is added multiple times to the purchase order. Please refer to the commit below,

You can try to implement a similar feature for your requirement in Sales Invoice. Also, send in PR back to ERPNext so that it’s available to everyone.

Hope this helps to solve your issue :slight_smile:

Thanks @shreyasp , but this is to dificult for me right now because i am a beginner in python.


You can open up an issue on for the same. So that either someone from the community or from the Frappé team integrates the feature in the core product.

I create Sales Invoice from multiple delivery note, and printed invoice is not so beautifull :slight_smile:

I create issue no #6942

Have you had any resolution on this?
I am having a similar (I think) issue.
I am selling products on consignment and we have multiple (for example 10-20) sales order/delivery notes to same customer for a month.
Then, at the end of the month I want to create an invoice which shows either:
A. Product listed by type added together for total with a separate list of referenced delivery notes.
B. Invoice which lists delivery notes by number and groups products together accordingly.
I have tried to customize an invoice for this purpose but now cannot even figure out how to get that invoice as the default for my consignment customers…
The main critical thing is that there is a single invoice for the entire month which includes some reference to all delivery notes.
Method “A” above would be the cleanest, and still allow implicit reference to delivery note to handle any discrepancies.
Method “B” above would be a longer and ‘not so beautiful’ invoice but at least explicit and clear which delivery brought which product/batch.
Currently I am on Method 'WTF" which is the invoice just relists the product for each delivery but doesn’t show the delivery note number so it combines the worst of both.
Also, my attempts to create a custom “consignment sales invoice” with “delivery note” unhidden in customizations have stalled at having it created but not finding any way to make it the default for my consignment customers.
This(switching customer to a custom sales invoice form) seems like it should be so simple…hmmm


i still wait for this feature. Ihope they will include group by method in report builder.


Any update on this feature - it would be great to have this option on all vouchers really

Just check my issue from github. It was closed. They told that we ask comunity for help. I done that but no one is answering.