Custom Sales Order Number


Currently using the REST API to import sales orders from another accounting system but I need the numbers to match. Is there a way to create the sales order with a custom number? Or even create and then update the number through “name”? I saw some other posts mentions “__newname” but that doesn’t seem to work.

On another note, sales invoice client side script as per the doc, rename_doc errors out with “not whitelist”. Sales Invoice ID Based On Sales Order ID

i can already say i do not know for sure. a workaround is to create an additional custom field in sales order e.g. “id_other_system”, make it a standard “Data” field and let frappé create new numbers on creation during the CRUD Operations.

then you have the id link to the other system… from past experience i would not recommend import system identification numbers into ERPnext from another type of system

Yes, this does seem like an option. I also wanted to avoid having to explain to admin that now our Sales Order and Sales Invoice numbers might not match.

I’ll implement the new Data field first as you suggested. Thank you