Custom script examples

Good day all
Is there perhaps a link to some example client side scripts ? Would like to learn.

Hi @willspenc,

Reference 1:

Reference 2:

I hope this helps.
Thank You!

Thank you very much @NCP !

Let me start ! You helped me with my first script where I did some database processing …
I would like to look at adding fields, populating then with data, that type of stuff.

Suppose I have 2 custom check boxes named “Gate” and “Globe” and a custom added read only field “description_2”

If i check the Gate, then the description_2 field shall show as Gate
and if i select the Globe check box, then the description_2 shall show Globe in read only.

is there a custom script with this anyone can please help.

If you want to learn the Client script, then please attend the session on 14th June @ 2.30PM IST.

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Thank you @NCP for your suggestion. I will put it in my diary.

Wrote another little scripty earlier this week. Its working well but I am sure that it can be done
in a better way.

Thank you again.