Custom script for filter selected item in purchase receipt creating new batch


I have create one purchase reciept in that select company and customer then select item after that i click on the drop down portion of the item table then open the full page in that one text box Batch No when i click on that batch no check box in that one option that is create a new batch when i click this then one dialog box is open in that two filed that is Batch Id and Item in the item there are all items present here i want to show only selected item which are in purchase recipt .
r8 now all item are fetch here so i want to fetch only selectd item which are in purchase receipt .

When create item, in SERIAL NOS AND BATCHES
Has Batch No and Serial No. checked?

In Purchase Receipt , new batch can be created for each item, although not sure this is useful for you.

Yes in purhcase recipet create new batch for each item but i want to show only select item in the time of new batch creation

i want those item which are been selected at the time of creation purchase recipt

new purchase reciept=>select company ,supplier==>select item==>got to batch no create new new batch==>here i want only show the select item

Add item to Purchase Receipt and click last column in item table to edit item, then scroll down to Batch No. and create new batch for that item.

When i create a new batch then open a dailog box then two filed are there
batch _id & item in this item filed i want to show only seleted item which i select in the time of purchase recipet

I think I understand, you want to filter batch list to show only those items in a specific Purchase receipt?

You can create a filter that will filter by Supplier and date, source document type. Or perhaps assign a unique batch id prefix to each item on a purchase receipt, then filter using that?

When i create a new batch and i am going through the purchase recipet then while creating batch there only showing the item which i select in the purhcase recipet that set

You may have read this:

It looks like you must create the batch and first, then add the item to it when purchase receipt?

i think you didnt understand my problem
my problem is something else

When I create a New Batch No for each item while making a Purchase Receipt, it should ideally auto-populate the item details from the PR. Instead, we need to re-select the item again in the New Batch page.

This auto population will help save a lot of time and make it easier to make the Batch Nos.

Hello smino ,

have u got any solution for the same issue please let me know


I haven’t had time to look at this further. Did you try check mark to Automatically create batch in PR as suggested in docs?

Solve it by using custom js code …