Custom script for making color in report

Hi, I am trying to make the background of the box in report view to be a different color depending on the project, I cant seem to code.

frappe.ui.form.on('Delivery Note Line Item Tracking', {
    refresh: function(frm) {
        // Code related to refresh if any
    formatter: function(value, row, column, data, default_formatter) {
        value = default_formatter(value, row, column, data);

        // Define your dynamic color map here
        var color_map = {
			"Project 1": "#5D8AA8", // Air Force Blue
			"Project 2": "#F0F8FF", // Alice Blue
			"Project 3": "#E32636", // Alizarin Crimson
			"Project 4": "#EFDECD", // Almond
			"Project 5": "#E52B50", // Amaranth

        if (column.fieldname == "project_name" && color_map[data.project_name]) {
            return `<div style='background-color:${color_map[data.project_name]};'>${value}</div>`;

        return value;

This is what I thought up of so far and no errors, but it doesn’t run either. I believe I am not calling the class right?

@azluqman share a screen of what you trying to change

project_name is what I want the key to be for changing colors of the boxes of that only

formatters works only for listview , I think your best option is to create a server script and there you can change the field color .