Custom Script not working for Date validation

Hi All,

To validate the Date in Purchase order, I wrote a custom script like this

frappe.ui.form.on(“Purchase Order”, “validate”, function(frm){

if(frm.doc.transaction_date < frappe.datetime.get_today()){
frappe.msgprint(__(“You can not select past date in From Date”));
frappe.validated = false;

But it doesn’t work. It shows the message and document is saved in past date. It should not save with past date. Kindly help me.


Just check on my instance and the custom script seems to work fine, can you please share the ERPNext & Frappe app versions?

Here is a screenshot.

Awaiting for your reply.

try this,

frappe.ui.form.on("Purchase Order", {
	validate: function(frm) {
		if(frm.doc.transaction_date < frappe.datetime.get_today()){
			frappe.msgprint(__('You can not select past date in From Date'));
			frappe.validated = false;

working on following versions