Custom Script Report Footer

Hi! We are creating several custom reports, and we can work the data perfectly well at this point.

We want to add some notes to the bottom part of the report, but not inside the data table. Previous versions had an orange rounded rectangle with some notes. We wish to replicate a similar model to have the ability to show notes in reports. These notes we could also use in print format for reports.

Another option is right below the text:
“For comparison, use >5…” and within the bounding grey box.

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@Tropicalrambler you should refer this frappe/query_report.js at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Using the same approach I used here you will be able to achieve that

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Thanks for pointing out the solution. WIll come in very handy, we’ve been extremely busy with an implementation, and had not had a specific change to peruse the code in peace. I am immensely grateful!