Custom Serial Number Field

In my Doc-Type for Serial Numbers, I’ve added a custom-field for AssetTag. Any of the serialized devices here have custom-generated AssetTags (but small things like nuts/bolts/etc, that are not serialized, do not get Asset Tags). My process for receiving equipment in ERPNext (especially if a new part):

Enter New Item
Create a Stock Update
During Stock Update - Enter Subform to enter Serial Numbers and details
Open Serials Numbers - Find each new serial number and enter Asset Tag Details.

It’s not bad, but it’s honestly a lot of opening and closing of forms.

Is there any way I can streamline this process? Even if, for example, I could enter the pair of Serial Number and Asset Tag at the same time, from just the stock-update screen/form that’d be great.

The way I’m currently adding serial numbers is just scanned in, comma separated, on that field in the Stock Update form.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe you can auto create serialized asset in ERPNext (using Asset doctype) and have a reference to the serial no field in there. You can contribute this as a PR too.

Thanks for the suggestion, @Pawan . I’ll need some additional information on how this would work, exactly, as I’m a complete newbie at ERPNext. Loving the platform so far and I can’t wait to become and ERPNext master. I’m already hooked!

I have found a semi work around for this. Check it out here:

If a google-translation won’t work to make it understandable send me a message :slight_smile: