Custom single doctype

I created a “is Single” doctype in my custom app, but during its creation, the corresponding doctype folder and related files were not generated inside the custom app. How can I resolve this issue?

Hii @Nihalroshan55

When creating a new doctype, please ensure you select a module name related to your custom app. Also, remember to uncheck the custom checkbox to generate it inside the custom app.

If you encounter any problems while trying to uncheck the custom checkbox, please activate developer mode with this command:

bench set-config -g developer_mode true

I hope this is helpful.

I successfully created a new doctype by unchecking the “custom” option by doing this i generated a doctype file because i want to do some validations for this doctype. However, when I tried to push this doctype into production, I encountered an error. How can I resolve this issue?

Kindly submit your problem with an error.