Custom solutions - how can the community & core ERPNext participate?

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[quote=“Liny_Susan, post:4, topic:6510, full:true”]Are purchase orders created automatically once sales orders are submitted? …
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I wonder whether there is any location where ERPNext users share such solutions. I am pretty sure that Liny is not the only person who is interested in this particular functionlality (actually I would assume the core team would be very eager to add this to the standard code as it’s core ERP functionality (which ERPNext seems to be missing still).

Or can anybody advise whether someone else would like to check such a solution how to approach such a request.

@vrms The best way is to just start a pull-request. If you do that, we are happy to help you fix issues and also cleanup if required.

Also that is the best way to maintain your contributions, because they become part of the product.

Unfortunately what is lacking is usually a little bit of foresight. People go for quick fixes and then they may suffer in the long run.

sorry apparently I was not clear enough. It’s not me that has a solution. In the thread I relate to here someone mentions to have made a solution (on a functionality that seems to be being basic ERP. a PO automatically created resulting from a SO on the other side of the business).
Now this user might is happy with what they have but there is nothing gained neither for the community (other users, integrators) nor ERPNext core team…

I guess my point is to motivate you to create some sort of location where apps/Modules (whatever it’s called) are being made available to the community. In regards to this I guess Odoo is a pretty good example to get inspiration from … odoo app store, or Odoo Community Association @vrms github.

Maybe that’s something the Foundation to be might be working on