Custom start serial number for serialized item

i have a few items that are with serial numbers
i would like to start the serial number with “8” for one of my item
in the item master for that particular item, i have checked the serial number
in the serial number series i have mentioned
now i would want the serial number to start from 8
how do i do this

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This is feature is not available for now. Serial for the new serial no. will start from 1 by defualt. Please create Github Issue for this feature suggestion. As a work-around, you can directly enter 7 serial nos. for an Item without Warehouse. With this, you will have Serial Nos. created, without any impact on the item’s stock.

Thanks umair
i did a test data for 25 serial numbers
later i cancelled the stock transfer ans deleted the data
but the serial number is not resetting to 1
any input on this


There is no option to manually set Current Value for the Naming Series of Serial No. It will pick last value of Serial No. created, irrespective of it’s current existence. Please create Github Issue for this feature suggestion.

Is Github issue created for this feature, if not please let me know, so I do the same.

No. Please create one.

@umair Hi, I just found one…

I know this is an old topic but the Issue is still open. I too needed this and I have found a workaround for this if anyone else needs it…

  1. Create your item with ‘Has serial nos’ checked and make sure it has an automatic ‘Serial number series’ (This will make it easier to do hundreds of entries automatically).
  2. Create a stock entry for all past and current (if applicable) items. This will auto-populate the serial no and get it to your latest serial numbers.
  3. Create a ‘Stock Reconciliation’ for the item, only keeping the current serial no items that are in stock. This will change all previous serial no items to be delivered and update stock accordingly.

A word of caution… This worked for me, but I am not sure the effects on other modules like Accounting and such.

ERPNext: v12.16.2 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.13.0 (version-12)

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I like this idea. When I get my next install setup I will try it on one of the backup servers.



+1 for this feature. I think having time based serial numbers could be useful.

ITEM-.YY.MM.## already works, but the number ## does not reset by itself every month.

This is useful where there is limited space on the product for marking the Serial No. Keeps the length of the same limited.

That is odd. I have tried this on .DD. and .MM. or {customer_name} and it resets the number series.