Custom Status Auto-update

Hi everyone-
We have created a couple of custom fields on our sales order. These fields query the purchase orders and purchase invoices. Once both of these fields = 0, we change a custom status field to say “Ready to Invoice Customer”. It’s all working perfectly except that you have to open the sales order and save it each time to update the status. I would like for this to update automatically in our list view so we don’t have to open the sales order each time. We would just be able to look at the list view and know when an order is ready to invoice. We are on ERPNext Cloud. Any ideas how we can make this happen?


Hi @charlie-cook

Current ErpNext support it. You create SI from SO ( by open SO and make SI) => status SO will change:
from “To Deliver and Bill” or “To Bill” to “ToDeliver” or “Complete” =>easy way


or when create Ivnoice you need to choose references to SO => SO will auto update Status

And your way update automatically => need to create app ( your own hosting) every hourly will check and update status => not good way

Yes, I understand the “easy” way but it doesn’t work for us because those statuses don’t change the way we need. We can only bill the customer when all PO’s have been fulfilled and we have to query that every PO has a PI. So we have to use our custom status field to do that.

Hi @charlie-cook
I understand your request. I think you need to create app to do it. But current you use ERPNext Cloud you can’t install your app.