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Hi -

I’m pretty new on frappe / erpnext. I’m wondering how to define a theme, particularly carousel in full width as seen on this website:

I’ve seen a lot of post about similar situations, but not clear how to steep by steep define a custom style.


@iramireze, Welcome to ERPNext…
You can manage this by adding Web Pages and Website Settings. Also define styles of webpage through Website Theme.
Refer following links -

Priya Shitole
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Dear Priya -

Thank you for your quick and kindly response.

I’m looking for a “code” to have a full width slideshow on my website. Can you help me with that?



the problem is, that the carousel container is a child of the webpage-content container, which defines the boundaries. If you don’t want to change the sources, there is a css hack to break out of the container. You can achieve this by specifying custom css on the specific webpage and overriding the carousel class similar to this:

.carousel {
margin:0 -100%; /* old browsers fallback */
margin:0 calc(50% - 50vw);

source: html - Break element out of container - Stack Overflow