Custom Success Message and redirect on Web form

I have tested the V8 web forms but still cant figure out a way of adding a success message on web form the one i added doesnt seem to work it just shows Saved.
Plus there is no redirect to another page.

Any way of correcting it?

Working fine in my test account. This is the welcome message I defined in the Web Form.

Thanks for your reply, mine shows only saved when i click on the save button, is there a way of making an alert box and then redirect to another view/URL?

the issue im facing is similar to this web form redirects to the created record after submit by anonymous user · Issue #2266 · frappe/frappe · GitHub but without an error

You can use this script code on web from

frappe.web_form.after_save = () => {
    window.location.href = "/url-of-the-page";
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frappe.web_form.handle_success = () => {
    frappe.msgprint(__('Thank You for applying!'));
    window.location = frappe.web_form.success_url;

Try this script and put your redirect URL in success url “Actions” tab…
Give the part of URL which is after your domain.
Like if you want to go
Type /jobs in success URL…

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It’s work for me thanks you.