Custom Tax on a Per Item / Single Territory

I have a single product template that has a tax only on the sale of this item while in one county. How would I define that tax to restrict it to be included on invoices/sales orders when the customer is located in the territory that the tax is applicable to?

I think, it will be possible when you go to “sales taxes and charges master” and define “Respective territories” for that,

  1. go to “Selling” module
    2.go to “Setup"menu → Go to “Sales Taxes and Charges Master” ->create new
    3.define Territory and other details . save form.
    4.suppose you created new “sales tax master” i.e GST” for Territory “Australia”

At the time creating new customer1 or existing customer
select Territory-Australia
select Taxes and charges - GST or other details
save form

-Now, when you create sales order and sales invoice ,that time if select customer1
then Sales and taxes will be fetched .

  • you can see on sales invoice form ,when yo select customer then tax and territory name get fetch

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

That doesn’t solve my problem.

If I setup a new sales tax master list, than it would apply to all products sold to that customer in that territory. I only want the tax to apply to a select product group that is sold in a specific area. So if I create a sales order for customer John Smith who’s shipping/personal address is in Taxable County and orders a product from Taxable product group, I want to automatically add that tax class. I believe I am going to have to do some client side validation in order for this to work but I don’t know where to start.