Custom template


I’d like to make a “fancy” report in my app, with pictures and other stuff. How can I override the template for a given report? Or, shouldn’t it be a report and a more generic view?

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Frappe report view uses the SlickGrid.js for report view. You can format the report row according to your requirements by adding formatters.

You can find the slickgrid examples here.


Thanks for you answer @makarand_b !

I’d like to use something else than a grid to show my report, so I need to override the whole template.
I’m building an app for micro breweries, so I’d like to show tanks using pictures for example. This is still a report but not grid-oriented.

Can you guide me on how to do that?


Maybe Template Integration in Frappe - #5 by Selva_Muthu is the answer and I should not use a report view?