Custom Themes Not Applying

I’m trying out erpNEXT on Virtual Box.

When I try to set a custom them for desk, it doesn’t apply no matter what I do. It just seems to always display the default theme. I tried to create the same theme for the website module and that would also not apply.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.

Can you try hitting “Reload” from the Menubar?

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I did, I also tried CTRL+F5, clearing cache…etc…

Have you set this theme in “Website Settings”?

Also, “Website Theme” as the name suggests is for webpages. There will be no effect to the Desk from any changes you make here.

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Thanks for the reply, I did set it in website settings as there is no other page to do it from and the “Desk” module is present as an option.

Even if I can’t set desk theme settings from here, if I change the module to website or any other module the theme still does not take effect.

Could I get some feedback from a dev please?

Did you try bench watch?

Hello Mohammed,

My apologies but I’m very new to this, could you elaborate or that?