Custom Translation not always working

I’m new to ERPNext, I’m trying to setup multilingual forms, but it doesn’t work properly.
For example, if I use standard form say for Quotation, the text “Quotation” gets translated properly - see screenshot:

But as soon as I do some customization, it doesn’t work anymore.

What should I do to fix this?

Screenshot after form modification:

In custom print formats, the heading is the only field with custom HTML and Jinja templating. Therefore you have to define the parts you want translated using translation lookup with underscore in Python. In your case, wrap the heading like so:

thank you @pratu16x7 this is now working.

I have one more field that doesn’t translate. Maybe you could help me as well?
I’ve setup Sales Taxes and Charges Template - see attached:

But the text “+20% VAT” does not translate using translation lookup. Any idea how to fix this?

Looks like an issue to me. Could you create one on GitHub?

I am facing this problem on customized form where translation is lost after any other customization. Seems it is removed upon next update to customize the form and it is not returning back.

It seems that the translation gets deleted from Translation doctype upon update of customize form and it never gets re-inserted, essentially removing the translation record permanently.

Hello @bedo, if you’re new to ERPnext I tell you that you will always have issues like those, unfortunately it is very hard to use this software on a daily basis.
I am using it from 2017 and I am facing at least 2 new issues every day.
As for custom translations they don’t work, they work for just some fields and that’s it.
They don’t work in fields like Item Description and even not in the Taxes and Charges section.
The ERPnext team knows it very well but apparently they are not interested in implementing this.

Hello @somicoito

Your thoughts pose lots of questions, not least your persistence and patience with this ambitious work in progress.

As a routine daily user for over a year, your critical observations are invaluable to help improve and sustain this wonderful product for all our benefit.

We the ERPNext community invite you to please join us - welcome to the team!

For ideas of what where or how to share and contribute, please ask on this forum.


Hi @clarkej!
As end user on a hosted plan in truth I am a customer, not a member of the community taking benefit for an open source software.
The truth is that I am passionate about this product but as I see it is more a software made for developers from developers.
From my side I tried to do my best financing pull requests for functionalities that were not available in production module which were released in V11 and I was very happy about it.
About translations… well I was told that they were going to be finished but indeed they aren’t…
I will make a post on my experience with the software in the last year as I am confident many users (not develoepers) should know what they would really expect being ERPnext customers.