Custom Validation of two filed

I want to vallidate form on the basis of two fileds,
I i have fileds “is temporary” checkbox link with “from_date”,& “end_date”

I want to check if is temporary checbox is check then and then the “from_date” & “End_date” filed are appear otherwise no.
Is there any possibilities to do this?

You should add Eval Conditions for this inside your fields from_date and to_date.

in the warehouse doctype i added three filed one is is temporary checkbox second if text box with label From_date and third is To_date …here i want to create script for when i select the is temporary check box then the below two fileds are appear otherwise no .like that i want to do so is there any chances to perform this …if any please let me know thanks

You no need to write any script for this . Just customize warehouse doctype and add one condition in “depends on” property of your from_date and to_date fields .
Condition is eval:doc.temporary.

Is this correct?? but having yellow color warning there is any problem to this warning??

Correct Syntax eval:{doc.bill_book_entry == "Supplier"}

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my filed name is is_temporary
and the doctype is warehouse and module is stock so how to write the eval conditon for the same

Hello @satish_malkar
Have you tried this solution?
Just add the above snippet in the Display Depends On Field of from_date and to_date fields.

Thanks & Regards,
Kalpit Shah

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yes but there is no effect from that code nothing is happen

It should’ve worked!

Try your luck by going through this to understand the purpose of Display Depends On!

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in this syntax which is your doctype and which is your filed could you please tell me.
Here i am little bit confused so please help me


eval:{doc.is_temporary == 1}

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Missing semicolen
unrecoverable syntax error .(33% sccanned)

@satish_malkar Just update the Doctype/customize Form.
it is showing warning message only, u can add semicolon to avoid above warning message.

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how to update it please help me

i add semicolon at last like this
eval:{doc.is_temporary == 1};

also but same warning there

If you are working in customise Form than there will be a update button on top-right of the page.
For DocType it will be Save button on top-right page

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only menu and save button are there

Click on the save Button. :slight_smile:

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already i save that doctype