Custom views in desk

What is the best way to get a custom view (html + js) into the desk portion of the frappe framework? Ideally having one created for each record of a doctype?

I know I can manually create a page (such as x-analytics reports), but would ideally like to have them auto-generated and usable in desk.

To re-use the blog example, I would like to have “Blog Post” under the Documents header. Then a custom header “Blog Posts”, with a link to each blog post rendering a custom html+js page based on the selected document.

If it’s possible, I could go one step further and define a module that this custom header could appear in, and entries in the (ex) “Blog Post” table that are linked to that module would show up similar to above.


@alec_ruizramon1 there is no standard routing system for that use-case. Maybe you can build one.

Create a new base path like #page/blog/blog-1

where blog is the template & blog-1 is the document name

@rmehta thanks. I’m trying to create this without having to affect frappe but have users be able to install the app and have it accessible from other modules.

Is there any documentation on how the page is rendered (i.e. how django has a render function that you pass the template and request to)?