Custom workflow giving error on custom status update value

Hi Guys,

I just created a custom workflow, for material request with multiple steps, each state has been given a custome value in Status Update Value

Once the user approves it i get the following error

Please advise how to avoid this message


Installed Apps

ERPNext: v7.2.14

Frappe Framework: v7.2.13

Maybe you should change your “Update Field” value to workflow_state and try


why are you updating status field value[quote=“zeeshan_shafqat, post:1, topic:19815”]
custome value in Status Update Value

your workflow status is maintained in workflow_state field.

if you still you want to update status field then add your extra options in Status options.

e.g. In Review, Approved By Project …, etc

Thanks guys i will try those, Sangram your changes need to be in the document customise section ?