Custome field is not displaying

i have created a custome field from UI. i can see it from DB side. i need to print the value in quotation_list.html so i used below line. but its not showing anything.

{%= doc.ep_test %}

also how can i add custome filed through quotation.json file.

quotation_list.html is used to display List View of all quotations. If you want to print the value of you custom field, you should uncheck print_hide property of your custom field. Then it will be appear in Standard print format automatically.

Direct changes in quotation.json will resulted in merge conflict when you will update the codebase, it’s not encouraging.

ok. let me try this.

please check my settings, am not using print hide option. but still having the issue.

using below code for print the value in list.
{%= doc.ep_test %}

Can you show me what you want via a screenshot?

what ever value is in the custome filed (ep_test) i need to disply in the list

so in this case i need to print "Sample Text " in list view.

Got it now, you have to include the field_name “ep_test” in quotation_list.js file.

thanks. now its working