Customer Access

Hello all,

I will like to know if the following flow is possible in ERPNext

  1. Customer is giving access to ERPNext through customer portal
  2. Customer can log in and place orders for his own account ALONE.
  3. In Placing orders customer can view availability of products (see if products is available or not) and be able to place orders for available items alone
  4. Customer can view status of orders he placed
  5. Customer can view full statement of accounts of his own transactions alone

Is this possible in ERP Next??


In theory yes. This is all done out of the website portal area. However there are a few issues in the frappe framework that prevent it from working totally as you want. This is something I am wanting to do on my site, but instead of products its with students. Hopefully the developers will be able to fix the issue(s) soon.

Thanks @James_Robertson

I am trying to make it work through roles and permissions, but I cant seem to be able to give the customers the appropriate permissions without exposing the entire organisation.

Any pointers? what have you been able to achieve with your students?

This sounds to me like a logical progression for the ERPNext team to consider

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Right now the only thing I have been able to get to work is the student application, however since they are not users in the system, they get redirected to an user permissions error page after submit. this issue is fixed, but is not in the master branch yet

I also have an issue with the website portal allowing me to give access to students to varying record types (like fees and schedule) due to this error

This last one has not been touched and looks like its been around for some time. Until this one gets fixed or I am able to determine a work around the portal does not work for me. This is why I said theoretically in my original response to you.

hi guys,

We faced the similar issues when the need for a customized shopping cart and customer portal experience arisen in a project for one of our customers.

We therefore embarked on the custom development of a new app addressing some of the issues like ones being discussed across this topic (see [New App for one-page shopping cart experience] for more details on scope and current status of the efforts with it).


I would be willing to sponsor delvelopment if necessary. In addition to customers suppliers need to be able to log in to check sales and depletions without seeing all of our products.

I second this

@gvyshnya, thanks for the post. with your work on the website and custom shopping cart, would you all have any insight into what is causing the unknown route error I posted earlier? This is a huge hang up for me, I can get the rest working if this error didn’t keep popping up on me. I am thinking others are impacted by it as well.

I looked over the specs for the work you all are doing. Looking forward to seeing it in action. I am based out of San Antonio, TX. Good to see other US folks here along with so many other locales using the product.

@James_Robertson: thank you for the kind words and shared passion with ERP Next. We checked your Frappe-based site ( and really loved it.

Unfortunately we have not faced exactly the specific problem with the unknown route in the student application.

@neilLasrado: is there a way to clarify this for the Student Module setup/configuration?

Thanks @gvyshnya for checking out my site. Just a couple pages right now.