Customer and Item Wise Price Set

Dear All,

I would like to know if there is any option to fetch the Item price on the basis of Customer so every time when i enter the customer name and it should come the last sale price of the same customer for particular item in sale price column.

Example :- if i had sold Item No-1 to Customer No-1 with 5.00Rs price and next time if that customer come the same sale price should be fetch by system.
Now if the third time customer came and i sale the same item with the price of 6.00Rs the price list should update for that customer and next time the same price should fetch in sales price column.

Appreciate your help for the above query.
I tried the selling price option by customer but if the price change its not updating and keeping the old price in records.


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Any Update on Above?

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i am also looking for the solution for the above problem

2 options:

  1. create a server script for sales order submit event, create or update the material price for the customer per price in sales order item

  2. override the get item detail method, replace the price with the latest sales order price.

actually i found another solution yesterday by using pricing rule and adding margin over base price customer wise for product code or group. whats your take on this?

if it fits your business need, why not?

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