Customer cannot post issue

I have create a new user with the role of customer only. This user can log on but cannot create an issue. I get an error message ‘Not permitted’.
How can i correct this so that a customer can create an issue from the website.

go into role permission manager and select document type=“Issue” and Role=Customer
and check create checkbox

@Maheshwari_Bhavesh I have applied these permissions but still no joy.

share your issue list document screen short …

The issue list is empty. Is that what you mean?
I might add that, if assign this user the “support” role, i am still unable to create issues from the website but i am able to create issues from the desk.

because there is show filter below list so we can find what is actully problem

The list is actually empty and the screenshot would show nothing.

Try this go to doctype list → select issue doctype → under permission rules section → add customer role.

@Maheshwari_Bhavesh & @wava - After much troubleshooting, I 've isolated the the problem to being as a result of not granting the customer role , permission to to communcation doc type.

When you simply do this- then the error will go away!

Hope this helps someone


Thank you very much. Also it was my problem and resolved

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Perfect: working now.